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GST registration for Casual Tax Payable person:-

Casual Business means participate in short term business like trade fair or any exhibition. There is a special treatment for casual taxable person under GST. The casual taxable person is defined as a person who occasionally undertakes transactions involving the supply of goods or services or both in the course of furtherance of business and does not have a fixed place of business, in the GST Act. Hence a casual taxable person is define as a person, who would be running temporary business in fairs or exhibitions or seasonal businesses. Casual taxable person obtain a Temporary Registration for a period of Maximum 90 days.

GST registration for Temporary Business :-

Any person that comes under the category of a casual taxable persons, are compulsorily required to obtain GST registration, irrespective of the annual aggregate turnover. The application for GST registration for a casual taxable person should be made at least five days prior to commencement of the business and can be made using Form GST REG-01.

Deposit for GST Registration:-

Casual taxable persons, unlike regular taxpayers, required to pay Tax in advance for GST registration and the amount of tax be deposited would be equal to the expected tax liability during the validity period of GST registration. The casual taxable person after applying for GST registration, is provided with temporary reference number is generated for payment of GST deposit. Once the GST deposit is paid, and electronic cash ledger of the taxpayer is printed and GST registration certificate is released.

Validity of GST Registration for Casual Taxable Person:-

The validity of GST registration obtain under casual taxable person is 90 days from the date of registration or the validity period mentioned in the GST registration application, whichever is earlier.

Extension of GST registration

The form GSTREG 11 must be submitted along with the request of extension of the validity period, if in any case casual taxable person needs an extension of the validity period mentioned in the GST registration certificate, GST advance deposit must also be made by the taxpayer based on the expected tax liability. The GST registration can be extended up to another 90 days after verifying the application of the person by the GST authority and satisfied after advance GST deposited is made

Regular Taxable Person vs Casual Taxable Person.

Regular tax payable person is not classifiable as a casual taxable person or a non-resident taxpayer person as that person is required to be registered under GST and would be a person with a fixed place of business located within India.

Casual taxable person comments their business seasonally hence it would be difficult for them to maintain a fixed place of business or file monthly GST returns continuously. To accommodate the unique requirement of such taxpayers special provisions have been provided under the GST act for casual taxable person‘s registration.

Refund by Casual Taxable Person

Casual Taxable Person is eligible for the refund of any excess amount deposited than the actual tax liability. This refund will be processed only after submission of all due returns.


1) Technological support to GST law

The new GST system has a strong technological support and we can expect, the digitalisation in the service of GST, in the coming months.

2) Growth of MSME

The GST made MSME less dependent on tax expert, due to simplified return filing system in place. Introduction of quarterly filing option for tax payers having turnover below 1.4 crores was a wise decision.

3)GST Council playing principle diplomacy and the statement ship shown by the members is surely a benefit.


1) Causing slow down for exporters

The delayed IGST refund has affected exporters and cause the slowdown although efforts are being made by the department but yet, over a few months we can expect a slowdown in exports sector in India.

Document Required

1) Sole Proprietorship

  • PAN card of the owner
  • Aadhar card of the owner 
  • Photograph of the owner (in JPEG format, maximum size – 100 KB) 
  • Bank account details 
  • Address proof 

2) Partnership Firm

  • PAN card of all partners (including managing partner and authorized signatory)
  • Copy of partnership deed
  • Photograph of all partners and authorized signatories (in JPEG format, maximum size – 100 KB)
  • Address proof of partners (Passport, driving license, Voters identity card, Aadhar card etc.) 
  • Aadhar card of authorised signatory
  • Proof of appointment of authorized signatory
  • In the case of LLP, registration certificate / Board resolution of LLP
  • Bank account details
  • Address proof of principal place of business

3) HUF

  • PAN card of HUF
  • PAN card and Aadhar card of Karta
  • Photograph of the owner (in JPEG format, maximum size – 100 KB)
  • Bank account details
  • Address proof of principal place of business

4) Company

  • PAN card of Company
  • Certificate of incorporation given by Ministry of Corporate Affairs 
  • Memorandum of Association / Articles of Association
  • PAN card and Aadhar card of authorized signatory. The authorised signatory must be an Indian even in case of foreign companies/branch registration
  • PAN card and address proof of all directors of the Company
  • Photograph of all directors and authorised signatory (in JPEG format, maximum size – 100 KB)
  • Board resolution appointing authorised signatory / Any other proof of appointment of authorised signatory (in JPEG format / PDF format, maximum size – 100 KB)
  • Bank account details
  • Address proof of principal place of business

Time Lines

  • (10 to 15 Days)
  • Purchase the Service
  • Upload / send the Documents
  • Discussion with expert
  • Filing of application with registrar authorities
  • Receipt of Registration Certificate
  • Confirmation to client

Service Covered

Pricing for what you want required service


  • Expert Consultation
  • GST Registration


  • Expert Consultation
  • GST Registration
  • 3 months GST return upto 20 entries per month


  • Expert Consultation
  • GST Registration
  • 6 months GST return upto 50 entries per month
  • Notes:
  • * This price is inclusive of all Govt filing fee and excluding GST amount.


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