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What is Startup?

The name startup refers to an organisation in the first stage of its operations. Startups are founded by one or more visionary entrepreneurs who want to develop or sell a product or service for which they believe there is a demand in the market. In the initial phase, startup requires high investment and low revenue.

Services required by startups

1. Business Incorporation

Startup business incorporation can be formed in many ways like Proprietorship, partnership, LLP, One Person Company, Pvt Limited Company, etc. chakdebiz is specialise in incorporation of any type of business entity as per your requirement with expert advice.

2. Accounting and Book Keeping

Hygiene of financial books is very important to understand the actual cash flow of the business. For this, startup needs qualified accountant for maintaining proper books of accounts. However, Full time qualified accountant needs handsome salary and other perks and also he does not have full time work. Chakdebiz is providing virtual CFO service at a reasonable amount according to your work requirement and provide the following service:

  • Monthly Accounting
  • Monthly Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Cash Flow
  • Account Receivable (AR) and Account Payable (AP) Reconciliation
  • TDS / TCS Compliance
  • Secretarial Compliance
  • Project Report preparation
  • Any Other service related to account and finance

3. Taxation

Startup needs efficient and cost effective tax solution especially in the initial phase. Taxation includes Direct Tax like Income Tax and Indirect Tax like GST. Under this, startup can get the following services:

  • Monthly deposit of TDS or TCS, as applicable
  • Form 16 and Form 16A
  • Monthly Deposit of GST amount
  • Monthly and Annual Deposit of GST Returns

Chakdebiz is having team of professional who can guide and give the services in the field of taxation.

4. Legal Compliance

GRC stands for Governance, Risk and Compliance, these all are covered only through legal compliance of various laws and regulation applicable to your organisation. Chakdebiz is having team of professional and IT tools to manage all these type of legal compliance for startup. This is the regular and monthly compliance of startup.

5. Intellectual Property

Protection of idea or name of such idea is very important in the startup business. This protection can be created with Trademark, Copyright or Patents of the idea. Chekdebiz is helping the startup business to search the existing trademark or copyright or patents and then file the same.

6. Payroll Management

Employee payroll management is the most important and critical process to keep happy team members. Chakdebiz is providing a payroll service which includes finalisation of salary breakup as per the company policy, taking attendance, processing payroll and then compliance of all statutory requirement on regular basis. Under this, startup will get salary payslip, salary register, Calculation of TDS, maintenance of statutory register, payment of TDS/PF/ESI and filing of relevant returns.

7. RBI / FEMA Compliance

Compliance of RBI under FEMA Act is also very much required if your company has taken and loan or any share holder from outside your home country.

8. Other Services

Any management service related to business or project like project financing, preparation of CMA data or project report.

Document Required

 Registration documents- 

The entity also must show the registration document such as 

  •  GST registration 
  •  Company registration 
  •  PAN and TAN
Bank statement- 
  •  The entity must provide the recent bank statement of the bank account that is in the name of a business.
 Invoices and Bills of transactions 
  •  include documents like sales invoices and the expenditure bills for the concerned accounting period.
 Details of all the assets- 
  •  The entity has to provide the invoice for the sales/purchase of any assets. It also includes pending loans.
 Cash transactions- 
  •  The entities also need to provide the details about all the cash transactions that they made

Time Lines

  • (1 to 3 Days)
  • Purchase the Service
  • Upload / send the Documents
  • Discussion with expert
  • Processing of Accounting Entries
  • Confirmation to client

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