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Professional Tax is a tax that the state government collects from salaried individuals working in government or private entities. It is also applicable for chartered accountants, lawyers, doctors, and many other professions. Many states in India impose the profession tax. All of these states have different rates. However, many states do not have any professional tax. The states that impose professional Tax are Assam, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Odisha, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, Telangana and West Bengal. 

The Profession Tax is deducted from the salary of the employees and deposits to the state government.

Rates of the professional Tax

The maximum amount payable as professional Tax every year is INR 2,500. However, various states have different rates. The professional is usually as per your annual income from the profession. The employer deducts this Tax at source and deposits it to the state government. But in case of other classes of individuals like CAs and lawyers, they are liable to pay the tax themselves. 

Employer’s responsibility

The employers who deduct the professional Tax from the salary of the employees must deposit it to the state government. The employers must file the returns to the tax department in the prescribed form within the due dates. Employers should also provide proof of tax payment if they do not enclose the proof the return would be deemed invalid.

State-wise Due dates for Professional Tax payment 


monthly-28th of every month 


Yearly-31st December in Every year 


monthly-15th of every month

Andhra Pradesh

monthly-10th of every month


monthly-20th of every month


half-yearly- 31st August and 28th February

Madhya Pradesh

monthly- 10th of every Month


Monthly-last date of every Month


Monthly-28th of every month


yearly- 30th March 


yearly- 30th June


Monthly-last date of every Month


Half-yearly- 30th June and 31st December


Quarterly- 31sy July, 31st October, 31st January, 30th April

Tamil Nadu

Half-yearly- 30th September and 31st March


monthly-last date of every Month


monthly-10th of every month

West Bengal

monthly- 21st of every month

Professional Tax registration:

All the employers must submit the professional tax registration application within 30 days of employing staff. If the employers have numerous workplaces, then the application must be submitted to all the authorities separately. 

Penalty for delay in Professional Tax registration:

If any employer delays obtaining the professional tax registration certificate, they will be held liable for a penalty of INR 5 per day.  

Document Required

  • Address Proof of Organisation
  • Address Proof of Owners
  • PAN of Owners
  • Photo of Owners
  • Salary Details of the Employee
  • Financial Statement
  • Incorporation certificate

Time Lines

  • (10 to 15 Days)
  • Purchase the Service
  • Upload / send the Documents
  • Discussion with expert
  • Filing of application with registrar authorities
  • Receipt of Registration Certificate
  • Confirmation to client

Service Covered

Pricing for what you want required service


  • Expert Consultation
  • Professional Tax Registration having upto 25 employees


  • Expert Consultation
  • Professional Tax Registration having upto 50 employees


  • Expert Consultation
  • Professional Tax Registration having more than 50 employees
  • Notes:
  • * This price is inclusive of all Govt filing fee and excluding GST amount.

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