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Converting a Private Limited Company to Public Company

The alteration of a private limited to public limited organization presents you new possibilities. It is mainly in the form of accessing the market and fundraising. A company can increase its capital through public investments. It can also access the deposits. But it has to be a public limited organization.

Thus, if you are having a private limited company, you can easily convert it into a public limited company. It is suitable for all the medium and large scale industries in India. The transformation of private limited to a public company can be done with the consent of the government. Then it leads to the alteration of the MOA to AOA.

To convert a private limited to a public company, you need at least seven members and three directors. However, the rights legalities and the powers remain same for the entity after the conversion.

Perks of switching Private Limited to Public company

Ability to increase capital through the public investment of shares 

It is one of the most profitable factors of public corporations. Particularly when it is in one of the prized stock exchange markets, the public limited corporations can attract investors from the protection funds and shared funds. The amount of money that can be collected is much more than a private limited organization. Thus, it is more beneficial to change a private limited company to a public company.

Brand awareness

If the company converts into a public company, it will come in the list of the stock exchange market. More people will automatically know about your company and its operations. This, as a result, will provide limelight to your company and bring more business. 

Limited responsibility

In a public company, the liabilities of the shareholders and the members are limited. Even after the conversion from the private limited to a public company also, these characteristics remain the same. The responsibility of all members in a public company also remains limited to extent of their share that they hold. And most essentially, the personal assets of the shareholders are not at stake. 

Smooth share transfer

When it comes to sharing transfer, the shares of a public organization are easily movable than the private limited organization. The stockholder interested in trading their share can easily sell it and get the profits from its liquidity. Thus, it acts as a temptation for the members to finance if They do not want to be with the corporation forever. 

Document Required

The creation of a partnership firm has to follow the New GST Registration conditions and obtain the PAN, bank accounts, and GST registration accounts of the partnership firm. The foremost document that seals a partnership is a ‘Partnership Deed.’ The Partnership Deed provides specifications for all the terms and conditions that are enforced in the partnership. After preparing the partnership deed, the taxpayer must apply for a PAN number with the income tax department because it is a mandatory prerequisite for applying for registration under GST. In addition, you would need the following documents for incorporating a partnership.

PAN card
  • For conversion of private limited company to public, you need to provide the PAN cards of all the stakeholders and the directors. Foreign citizens must furnish a legitimate passport. 
Identity proof

In the identity proof, the shareholders and the directors can provide any one of the following:

  • 1) Voter ID
  • 2) Passport
  • 3) Driving license of the stakeholders and directors 
Address proof

The conversion of private limited to public company needs the proof of address. The directors and the stakeholders need to provide any of the following documents as proof of address.

  • 1) Phone Bill
  • 2) Utility Bill
  • 3) Latest bank account records of the directors and the stakeholders
  • It includes the recent passport size photos of the administrators and the stakeholders of the company.
Business address proof

To show the proof of address for the business, the entity has to provide any one of the following.

  • Electricity bill of the registered office address
  • Telephone Bill of the registered office address 
No objection certificate from the owner
  • The private limited entity that wants to convert itself to a public company has to obtain a No objection certificate from the owner of the registered office is rented.
Rent agreement
  • If the registered office of the private limited company is rented, it has to obtain the registered office's rent agreement.
Incorporation documents
  • The Company needs to provide the certificate of incorporation. Memorandum Of Association and Article Of Association should also be presented to ROC.
Financial statement
  • The private limited company interested in converting to a public company will have to provide a copy of the latest audited financial statement with required attestation.
Income Tax return
  • The private limited company also has to provide the income tax return statements filed previous year.
Important Reminder
  • In the case of the NRIs or foreign citizens, all the directors' papers must be accurately notarized.

Time Lines

  • (20 to 30 Days)
  • Purchase the Service
  • Upload / send the Documents
  • Discussion with expert
  • Filing of application with registrar authorities
  • Receipt of Registration Certificate
  • Confirmation to client

Transform into a Partnership with Simple Steps

Many proprietors aspiring for comprehensive growth through transformation into partnerships face various confusions. However, the following three easy steps can help you get it done easily with our assistance. 

Answer Some Questions Quickly

You can fill our questionnaire easily within 10 minutes and enter basic information and documents needed for converting Proprietorship to the partnership. In addition, you can also ensure payments through safe and secure payment gateways with our platform. 

Expert Assistance at your Disposal

A dedicated Relationship Manager would work for the transformation of your Proprietorship into partnership. You would also receive competent assistance for drafting the Partnership Deed, Notary of the Partnership Deed, and payments for Stamp Duty on the Deed. Furthermore, you could also receive reliable support for PAN and TAN application

Faster Partnership Setup

Establish the partnership within almost 12 working days, depending on Government processing time. 

Service Covered

Pricing for what you want required service


  • Expert Consultation
  • PAN Application (if PAN of proprietor is not available)
  • Registration with GST
  • Registration with MSME


  • Expert Consultation
  • PAN Application (if PAN of proprietor is not available)
  • TAN Application
  • Registration with GST
  • Registration with MSME
  • Registration Under Shop & Establishment Act
  • 3 months GST return filing upto 50 invoice per month


  • Expert Consultation
  • PAN Application (if PAN of proprietor is not available)
  • TAN Application
  • Registration with GST
  • Registration with MSME
  • Registration Under Shop & Establishment Act
  • 3 months GST return filing upto 50 invoice per month
  • 3 months account upto 75 entries per month
  • Notes:
  • * This price is inclusive of all Govt filing fee and excluding GST amount.


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