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Employee repayment
5 issues confronted by companies in its method of Employee Reimbursement

1) Not-so-satisfaction among employees for late payouts

2) Matters covered through passing repayment demands of specific employees

3) Disappointment due to no detail of reduction committed

4) No actual time measurement of repayment claims to be posted in Accounting Software

5) Paying staffs above the interest line

Advantages are taken by our clients

1) Thorough objectivity through claim processing according to service level agreement or turnaround time

2) Tracking details in real-time of remaining charges that cause swifter communication with queries of employee

3) Considerable growth in staff accomplishment and productivity for on-time payment and smart detailing of reductions made

Benefits of our services

1) Keeping check of claims of the staffs according to present norms and delegation of authority through checklists

2) Recording in accounting tool as per claim with complete narration

3) Recording in terms of Earning/Expense committed by employees

4) Channeling the claims according to SLA in terms of thorough documentation

5) Preparing numerous reports, ranging from aging schedule, a report in terms of claims

6) Complete hilt over remaining debt balances crossing the threshold confinements

7) On-time answering the queries concerned with claim payouts

8) Preparing monthly restriction of costs against the interest/advance meant for employees

9) Making audit timetable and other aspects

10) Preparation of audit schedules and other desired details

Reports concerned with employee repayments

1) Aging timetable

2) On-time access of remaining claims with explanation

3) Outstanding report of employees in terms of claims

4) Report about employees with debit balance crossing the threshold limit

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