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The government of India initiative called Startup India scheme aims to help businessmen and widen scope for job creation through G2B Portal. G2B means Government to business portal primarily is a platform in which online applications are filled-in for connecting with various government and business services. Priority of the scheme was to establish an effective system for inspiring creativity in the nation.

Complete Description

There is a given norm for the entity to get registered within the startup scheme. Before moving to DPIIT registration, it is important first to get the concept of a startup. A startup primarily is a small business established to address issues. These are the small business bodies like LLPs, organizations, etc., that are normally operated by the promoters or any individual owner. Startups offer job scopes that help in enriching economy of the nation. Startup India enriches those ventures being recently established or has been there for past 10 years or less than that. It has been mentioned for the biotech companies specifically that the limit is 10 years functionality from the registration day in India. In case of other industries, the limit is 7 years to get acknowledged as a startup.

This step of selecting and inspiring the start-ups is taken by the Government of India. It is done with thorough coordination of Make in India Campaign. Upon registering under DPIIT, the start-ups can enjoy self-certification and acquiescence as per 9 environmental and labor regulations. When the entity goes for closing the company, the same can be done within 90 days as per Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016. Also, there are several relaxations provided as well like-

  • 1. Relaxation with taxation on capital, as well as on investments beyond decent market worth.
  • 2. Relaxation from need for compulsory deposit of money for governmental tenders.
  • 3. Exemptions of income tax for 3 continuous years.
  • 4. When it comes to filling up patent and trademark, there is relaxation with charges to a certain limit.
Additionally, it is essential to fulfilling the minimum capital, turnover, experience criterion by the entity as mentioned, while applying for government tenders. Once the concerned organization is acknowledged as a start-up by DPIIT, these entities can fill tender applications as mentioned, despite not meeting such norms of nominal capital, turnover amount, etc.

Advantages and benefits associated with registration

Mentioned below are the advantages of getting acknowledged that can easily boost start-ups:

  • 1. Tax exemption is given utmost priority that can be claimed by any reputed start-up.
  • 2. Various tax advantages are going to be there for three years of time.
  • 3. It can save both time and budget.
  • 4. Relaxations with investment can be enjoyed.
  • 5. Discounts on the entire capital earning can be enjoyed.
  • 6. Financed by the government to aid startups.
  • 7. Self authorization without any inspection for three years of time.

Essential documents and information for application filling

For DPIIT Filing Application

Copy of certificate of establishment or certificate of LLP registration certificate and PAN card.

More Application

  • Profile of directors and acknowledged representative like mail Id, contact information, address, etc.
  • Precise details about the venture, its products, and services.
  • Complete answers for the questions as asked in the portal.

Required Conditions to be fulfilled for getting registration under DPIIT

  • 1. This should function either as a Pvt Ltd venture or a registered partnership company or as LLP.
  • 2. This must not be established upon categorizing or rejuvenating the business already set. A new entity needs to be established.
  • 3. Since establishment, annual turnover must not exceed 100 crore INR for financial period.
  • 4. This must not be above ten years old from the day of establishment.
  • 5. This must possess a creative business or enhancement of products and methods or services, or it must create employment scopes and generate finance for the economy.

Startup recognition Process

Essential documents should be uploaded over the web in PDF file only

Important documents essential for uploading through the process of application filling are:

  • The award(s) got by the entity.
  • Set of questions made ready in a concise fashion
  • Certificate of establishment

Business establishment

First of all, the entity has to be registered as an LLP or a Pvt Ltd company.

Firstly, register the entity either in a limited liability partnership or a private limited company or a firm.

Mentioned above registered entity is essential to be registered under DPIIT

Next, the application has to be filled with the startup India, which demands the online form to be filled, providing certain documents and information.

Documentation self-certification

It is essential to certify the entire concerning documents and information specified before filling for the acknowledgment under the start-up, like a business, capital, etc.

Obtaining the recognition number

DPIIT certificate of recognition for the start-ups will be provided post reviewing the application and other associated documents. The entire registered entities are given access to the DPIIT G2B portal for filling the digital application, queries, and questions that can be raised by just anybody concerned with the business, application filling for the licenses, and can be maintained over the history of filed application and licenses obtained earlier.


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